I would like to share some of the strange and wonderful sounds that make up the experiences in my life.

Bus Voiceover, Chengdu

Chinese busses and other public transport tend to be noisy places, not just because of the crowds, but also the hectic array of warnings and recommendations about what you should and shouldn’t be doing on the bus that are blasted out over the crappy bus speakers. Here is a little section of a bus trip I took in Chengdu… More

Chanting in Daci Temple, Chengdu

One of the best features of Chinese temples is the sound of chanting. It both draws you into the spiritual atmosphere and reminds you that Buddhism is still alive in some way in China. Telling, however, is the demographic of the participants – apart from the monks it’s almost entirely elderly…. More

Dance and Music Circle in Kunming

Chinese retirees often have incredibly rich and active lives with a range of activities to keep both entertained and in contact with the community. This is one I’d never seen before. Almost every day this fluid group of folk gather here to play music, sing, dance or all of the above. Many of them were playing a four-stringed octagonal mandolin-type instrument, which have either carvings or a flashy paint job on the outside. It’s a traditional …. More