Concert this saturday at What Bar

We’re in the midst of a Halloween frenzy, it seems, so I invite you to cap off the celebrations this weekend with the real ghosts and ghouls of history – those of the Forbidden City.

I’ll be playing my loop-based mix of sounds, perhaps with a darkish edge just to suit the mood. I’ll also be showcasing some new gear that Uncle taobao gave me as a present recently, for what is almost certainly a world first combination of instruments and gear, so come check it out! Joining me on the bill is Thruoutin, who plays Chinese instruments with cool beats, Cousin Kippy playing his romantic mix of crazy synth sounds and samples, and local band PDU, who play electronic rock type stuff. It’ll be a fun night by all accounts!

Place: What Bar, just near west gate of Forbidden City
Time: Saturday November 3rd 9:30 pm
Price: 30 RMB

Check here for more info

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